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Name: AVideo Platform


Date: 22 july 2012

AVideo is a powerful base audio and video platform for uploading, curating, organizing, indexing, and distributing audio and video content. The plugin design allows you to get exactly the solution that addresses your needs today, while ensuring that your Media Broadcast Network implementation can grow and expand with you as your needs evolve.

Broadcast Your World!

Audio/Video Channels

At you can create a channel, live stream, vod stream, create programs of content or series episodes.

Create A Broadcast Channel

Audio/Video Networks

At you can order a video platform and create your own broadcast network. Host channels of content, live stream, vod stream, create programs of content or series episodes.

Create A Broadcast Network









Frequently Asked Questions

What is the diffrence between a channel and a network?

A channel is a channel in A network is an instance of AVideo Platform running on your servers.

How can I get a channel?

Create an account in and you will have a channel to stream audio and/or video

What can I do with a channel?

With an AVideo channel you can create programs of content, series of episodes, stream video-on-demand or live streaming.

How do I get a network?

You can contact our Enterprise AVideo Platform professionals to help you get started or you can use our Open-Source AVideo Platform Solution.

What can I do with a network?

You can host channels on your own branded network each channel can host programs of content or series episodes, monetize with PPV, Advertising and other revenue models. And much much more.

How much does it cost?

AVideo .com Channels are free to start, Enterprise AVideo Network depends on configuration, and Open-Source AVideo Platform is free, but you must be an experienced developer, and contribute to the AVideo Platform Open-Source Project.