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WorldWide Broadcast Network Platform System

Our Company

The World Wide Broadcast Network, Inc. headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia.  WWBN is the developer of the patented World Wide Broadcast Network Platform System (Trademarks include: WWBN®, AVIDEO®, Searchmercials®, SearchTube®, OS.TV™), (Patents include: 8/176028, 8/626752, 8/060498, 7/865498 and patents in pending.)

Our Philosophy

Information has become a currency and it is manipulated as such, the proficiency in the exchange of this currency guarantees success, and every development in the Broadcast Network Platform System is geared towards optimizing this exchange.

Our Mission

Management, Relevance, Brand and Distribution are the main ingredients provided by the Broadcast Network Platform System.

As the Internet becomes a standard adjunct of broadcast television and digital television evolves as the delivery medium, more content will become available on the web, not just viral video content uploaded to video sharing sites, but broadcast networks will play a larger role in the content mix, providing premium content such as sitcoms, original programming, news and other selective premium content previously available only on private broadcasting platforms.

Since the advent of the Internet WWBN envisioned that all content would move from analog to digital and one day all broadcasts would evolve from private/closed distribution networks (cable/satellite) to public global distribution networks (the Internet).

Today finding video content over the web can already be chaotic and fragmented; search results can provide misleading information and search routines are often unbearable, cumbersome and frustrating. It will take a large hierarchically organized system, comparable to the current linear system employed by cable and satellite networks to produce specific, one-step, on-demand results online. WWBN solves this problem with its patented broadcast allocation node system (BANS). A numerical indexing system for content over the Internet, that also combines search and directory services, and is capable of grouping broadcast networks providing a single point of entry.

A visitor surfing the World Wide Broadcast Network can linearly view what broadcast networks have to offer andis able to access a network channel at any point with one click at any point enter a network. A user progresses on the broadcast network's stations, channels and programs as interest builds from small introductions, to which culminate in the desired, sought after content.

Capable of integrating traditional television broadcasting, commercial advertising, multimedia, and websites in a centralized rich-media platform that enables media elements to interact with each other across any device. Combining these media elements adds value because they have the ability to provide the User with more of a multifaceted experience than what each individual media element could achieve on its own.

WWBN provides users the ability to move in a virtual landscape that is made available by broadcast networks, each experience depends on the network, topics and programming; allowing you to exploring the infinite expandable universe of quality, exclusive content that the networks offer. The separation of Broadcast Networks into broadcast allocation nodes focused on the Network as a single point of entry is an important precondition of the modern television because the Internet is a vast global network and finding content can be an overwhelming task, much like in the early literary days before there were chapters written into books, novels and other literary works. Chapters brought structure and organization where there was clutter and chaos.