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Increase your revenues today by giving your site visitors the choice of viewing text or videos in their search results.

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Search Engines

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Search Engines, Portals, Destination Sites

Engage and captivate your audience by integrating WWBN's Search products into your website, search engine or portal and watch your site soar!

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Increase your revenues today by giving your site visitors the choice of viewing text or videos in their search results.

WWBN provides two types of pay for performance search results:

* Pay Per Click Search Ads (text based pay per click search results)
* Pay Per Click Searchmercials (multimedia based pay per click search results)

This enables publishers to provide site visitors with the choice of viewing text or videos in their search results while you add PPC revenues to your bottom line.

Our product suite comes pre-programmed with search, local-search, ad placement and broadcast distribution technology that allows companies to effectively serve their local customer base, as well as reaching national and global audiences. We offer the technological tools and solutions that allows our customers and partners to integrate content delivery, ad serving, targeting and audience analytics technologies, allowing our partners to increase operations efficiency while making available a consolidated, comprehensive view of visitors interaction. Consequently, our customer's and partners' market strategies can be fine-tuned and designed with surgical precision based on the segmented statistical customer information that WWBN makes immediately available.

Place your own Search Engine, Search Directory, XML or mRSS feeds on your website, or run our sponsored inline video listings, contextual video ads, content match video ads and other rich media advertising products and solutions on your Web properties and we will create new, reliable income streams for you.

Turn Click Into Cash

As a Partner, you can choose one of our state-of-the-art:

* video search engines
* video search directories
* video feeds
* search boxes
* contextual inline video search results
* content match video search results
* video players
* video banners
* and more!

Our solutions will enable your website visitors to do a search, and preview website offerings with our Video rich-media search results, producing an interactive and more informative search experience.

We provide several business models to increase your bottom line with video.

1. Offer cutting-edge video broadcast search service on your website
2. No cap on commission earned
3. Quick and easy set up
4. Choice of several display interfaces
5. Click-through traffic on rich media ads is six times higher than those of text ads
6. View stats on recent searches, popular searches and search categories
7. View detailed reporting on your referral and commissions with our state-of-the- art Account Management System


Capture Your Audiences At The Point Of Search With Video!

Searchmercials provides companies with the ability to communicate with a market that is in an information gathering mode, with the power of multimedia integrated into a cutting edge video marketing campaign.
Click here to learn about Searchmercials.

Search & Video

World Wide Broadcast Network, Inc. has been in the implementation of video into search results business since 2002. Read press releases by clicking here.

Local Search, GEO & Time of Day Targeting

Reach The right audience with our geographically and time of day targeted rich media search results. Your video can be broadcasting in any language to a specific:

* Country
* State
* City
* Area Code
* DMA Zone
* Time Of Day

Some Search Partners & Subsidiaries

* SearchADS.TV

GEO Coding Partner Services Provided By:

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